UPDATE After Departmental Meeting (January 15 & 22)

From minutes #87
  • Welcome Professor Lance Chong to the Department

  • 19 handheld cameras have arrived and should be available for rental (if cases arrived)
  • Motion capture equipment
    - scheduled to have arrived and be operational by the end of January
  • All proctors have been trained to handle the new loan fees
  • W700B video display
    - discussed different options for better use of Video Display Gallery
  • Digital Video
    - motions carried to change the descriptions in the academic calendar for the following courses:
    1. New Media 2030
    2. New Media 3010
    3. New Media 3510
    - New Special Topics Course for Fall2010: New Media 3850 - DVD Authoring and Design
    - motion carried that the Department of New Media approves the migration to high definition digital video cameras for the current scheduled equipment rotation; and that once a suitable model can be determined that the purchase be deemed to be given final approval
  • motion carried that the department support in principle the purchase of SLR HD cameras for use in the Graphic/Web Design Wiki development once the capital asset list is determined
  • discussion of curriculum
  • Student concerns brought up:
    - students will continue paying for the deposit fee for equipment rental separately (will not be included in tuition)
    - Adobe Software Student Availability discussed
    - Lynda.com subscription, will have to approach the Student's Union for support as there will be an institutional cost
  • Mixer
    - discussion about arranging a mixer with Digital Alberta

NMED Equipment Checkout / Damage Deposit Policy

Effective January 1, 2010

Original email with document attached: http://listserv.uleth.ca/pipermail/newmedia-l/2010/000497.html


The New Media Department provides a variety of equipment that students may check out for use in their course work. This equipment includes cameras (video and still), tripods, lighting kits, audio kits, and other accessories (cables, boom poles, headphones, etc.). Prior to this point, there has been no established method to ensure that the department can repair or replace these assets in the event that they should become damaged, lost, or otherwise unusable. The Damage Deposit Policy is an attempt to rectify this shortcoming so that all students have reliable access to equipment needed for their course work.

Proposed Policy
The proposed Damage Deposit Policy is as follows:
1. Students who want to check out equipment from the New Media equipment pool must complete a loan application (see attached). Equipment loans are for the direct purpose of course projects and curriculum support. Therefore, the loan application must be co-signed by an instructor in the New Media Department. The completed form is then given to Faculty of Fine Arts Technical Support Specialist (currently Venkat Mahadevan, located in W-700L).
2. Students who want to check out equipment from the New Media equipment pool must also pay a $50 fee at the Cash Office and obtain a receipt. This needs to be done once per academic year.
3. The receipt and copy of the loan application will then be presented to the proctor in the New Media B-labs, who will then authorize that student to check out equipment.
4. While several pieces of equipment can be signed out at the same time, only one (1) item of any one category may be taken out at any one time (for instance, one camera, one tripod, etc.). If multiple items need to be signed out (for example, two video cameras), a student must justify in writing the need for such extra equipment and obtain written authorization by their instructor that the justification is warranted. This written authorization must be submitted to the proctor in the New Media B-labs.
5. At the end of the year (or when the student no longer wants to check out equipment), $30 of the initial fee paid will be refunded at the Cash Office after the student obtains an authorization from the B-labs proctor. The non-refundable portion of the fee will be used specifically for ongoing repair and maintenance costs of the equipment in the New Media equipment pool. In the event that equipment has been damaged or lost, no part of the fee will be refunded and the student may be liable for the full replacement cost of the equipment.
6. The first priority for lending out equipment will go to New Media faculty to support curricular needs in their classes. The list of New Media classes that have priority for booking the equipment are:
1) New Media 3010 (Cinematography and Lighting)
2) New Media 3510 (Narrative Film Production)
3) New Media 3620 (Digital Effects and Compositing)
4) New Media 3700 (Production Management)
5) New Media 4640 (Portfolio Project)
6) New Media 4690 (Advanced Studio)
7) New Media 4850 (Advanced 3-D Visualization)
7. The second priority for lending out equipment will go to New Media students currently enrolled in the New Media program at the University of Lethbridge. Third priority will be given to other Faculty of Fine Arts students currently enrolled at the U of Lethbridge. Individuals not currently registered in an academic program at the U of Lethbridge may not borrow equipment from the New Media equipment pool except under special circumstances and written authorization by the Chair of the New Media Department.
8. The Department of New Media reserves the right to impose restrictions on certain pieces of equipment without prior requisite training or under special circumstances and written authorization by the Chair of the New Media Department. Further to this, only the students enrolled in the classes specified in point (6) will have default access to the following equipment:
(a) Large video cameras with manual controls
(b) Large fluid head tripods
(c) Large lighting kits (1000W and 600W)
(d) Audio recording kits

Other students not enrolled in these courses, but who have the requisite training on the use of these items, must make a special written request to the department chair for access." 0 comments

Film Series - Towards a Contemporary Canon


UPDATE after Departmental Meeting (December 11, 2009)

from Agenda #86

Next meeting: January 15

  • Autodesk software has arrived
  • Motion Capture equipment update
    - the order for new equipment is in
    - machine is scheduled to be available for use mid-late January
  • Discussion about possibly having New Media graduate students come in and speak about strengths of the New Media Program

  • Discussion about CRC (Canada Research Chair)
    - may be influential for students
  • Further discussion about New Media space
    - report about space issues to be filed in January
  • 2010 Game developers student road trip will not take place this year
  • New Media and Education
    - discussed the difficulty of getting into Education because New Media is not a teachable subject area (must go into Art)
    - discussed how Art Education is going through a new curriculum
    - more information from Government of Alberta: http://education.alberta.ca/teachers/program/finearts/program-updates.aspx
    *proposed changes are available for online review and discussion until January 31, 2010
    - further discussion on how New Media can be integrated into Art Education and CTS
  • NMED 3680 (Interactive Sequencing) and Pre-requisites/Co-requisites
    - discussion on how basic New Media courses are required
    - students are running into problems because of trying to avoid required courses
  • Level 7 Gallery logo/signage
    - Level 7 Gallery requires a clear, consistent branding to differentiate from Art Department's galleries
    - Some questions asked:
    • Should the logo be allowed to constantly change?
    • Should previous or existing logos be used?
    • Should students submit new ideas and samples?
    • Should the signage in the gallery space be a permanent design?
    - Discussion on the types of works exhibited and curated in Level 7 Gallery

*Questions and comments about Department of New Media can also be discussed with New Media Professors 0 comments

UPDATE after Departmental Meeting (November 20, 2009)

from Agenda #85
  • discussion about space use in W700

  • Autodesk Software purchased

  • 11 new hand held SD cameras available for use (from B5 labs)

  • Motion Capture
    - discussion about New Media Department purchasing new equipment
    - discussion on renting equipment out to different departments/faculty
    - equipment will remain in current space
    - discussion on incorporating usage of motion capture equipment in current curriculum

*REMINDER: Questions and comments about Department of New Media can also be discussed with New Media Professors



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